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Safiru! Saffiel! Saffir! Sapphire!  Whatever you want to call him, I've got him!
Beware, you have just embarked Sailor November's
Quiet   is   the   soul   deeper   than   the   ocean
For   deep   is   the   soul   of   Saffiru
Though   he   grew   up   only   to   know   evil
Rays   of   Love   and   kindness   broke   free
Forever   in   my   heart   lies   he
Who   died   for   the   love   of   his   brother
     Well... Okay, it's not really an obsession.  It's more of my respect and admiration of this courageous soul.  And it sure doesn't hurt that he's drop dead gorgeous! ^o^ *sigh* Doesn't he look like Mamo-chan? I would put up a Mamo-chan obsession, but there are already too many of those!  A Safiru Obsession sounded a bit more original! ^_~ It did take a while to find his whereabouts on the web, but it was well worth the struggle.  I deeply hope that your long search need go no further.  At the Obsession, I have images, information, and fun that I hope will bring you pleasure.  Also, I've got a little obsession for Kakeru!  Visit his small shrine and see for yourself why his name turns heads.  If you find any mistakes during your voyage, please contact me and inform me of what you found.  Enjoy, Sailor Moon fans! 
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